Karaoke Sing Thing

Moondance 2013 in our winners’ own words

I’d like to thank Karaoke Sing Thing, Moondance Jam, and Special Olympics Minnesota for working together to make a great experience for the contestants.  It was a wonderful blend of fundraising, talent, and fun. I attend Moondance Jam every year, but the Karaoke Sing Thing gave me the opportunity to experience the event from a different angle. I was able to meet one of my all-time favorite artists and was able to sing on stage immediately after his performance. It was an experience that I appreciate and will carry with me always.

Thank you!

Rock Category Winner


From contest to contest and stage to stage, every feeling has been the same. But this time, it was different. Competing at the Mall of America was an unforgettable experience, four floors of people enjoying my performance gave me that chills that keeps me pushing towards my goal. The lights blinding and the music surrounding me is the greatest feeling in the world when I am on stage, and Moondance Country Fest proved that. Hearing my name being screamed through the crowd was so uplifting, knowing that fans from my hometown came to cheer me on and support me in my dream that keeps making it’s way closer to reality. Many of my idols have been up on that stage performing and this time I could’ve been one of those idols for someone else, Thanks to Karaoke Sing Thing.


Country Category Winner